About me

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My interest in photography started when I was 13. Using my Mum's phone I began photographing objects of interest, geometric shapes, natural patterns, flowers and animals. Just one year later I got my first point and shoot camera and with it my photography evolved. I began understanding the fundamentals of camera settings and used them to create more dynamic photos. My photography improved with two of my images being published in the Canberra Times.

Just one year after when I got my first DSLR camera my love for photography became a reality. I loved the creative freedom with the DSLR and I began experimenting with a range of photography genres. Landscape photography stood out to me the most. The beauty, the scale and the adventure that goes with taking a good landscape got me hooked and I found the process incredibly satisfying. 

It was not until 2017 after my first photography camping trip that I began to push myself more as a landscape photographer not just in terms of creativity but also physically. Multiple shoots, hiking, long rides and overnight trips have become part of my creative process allowing for better pictures and a appreciation of the natural world.

In 2018 my photographic process got more refined. My photos improved, I exhibited more and I was even fortunate enough to land a finalist spot in the student category in Head On. Currently I am studying photography at CIT with the plan to further improve my work and advance into new genres. I hope through my images that I can convey the story and great scope of these places and inspire others to get out and see the beauty the world offers.



2019 Radford Art Show Emerging Artist Award

2019 River of art Festival Art on Parade

2018 RAW exhibitor, Canberra

2018 Finalist HeadOn Photo Festival, Sydney. Student Category for Festive Magic

2018 Radford College Art Show with an acquisition by the School Principal

2017-18 Photos featured on Instagram in ABC Canberra and Canberra Times